Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Letter to the Editor

Passing this bill is crucial. I am a 29 year-old graduate student, and I've been married less than two years. During that time my husband has been unemployed twice; a total of 7 months. His graduate loans came due 3 months prior to being fired, and then he totaled his car. Meanwhile, my car died. In these approximate 20 months of marriage, we have had 5 types of insurance, each of which barely covers us for previous conditions, including 'mental health illness', and birth control.

We are educated, hard-working, determined individuals. Our parents worked to provide us with the means for a successful future. Why has that slipped from the realm of reality? I will be fortunate to find a job in May, when I receive my MA in Counseling and Guidance, despite this being a field in constant need of clinicians.

I seriously doubt our ability to have a 'better' life than our parents', and isn't that what we want for younger generations? That does not bode well for the children of the future.

We cannot afford more unemployment, fewer teachers, inaccessible healthcare, or inefficient energy. This bill simply has to pass.

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