Friday, April 8, 2011

Two Questions.

Is it terrible?

1) That I kind of love it when my baby eats too fast while nursing and kind of chokes? Her face is so darling, and she throws her head back in this super dramatic way. It was even more dramatic when she was first born. Like someone else was running the show and she had no idea that this much food was coming her way. Kind of put out... So darling. I don't ever want to forget those moments, and the way she looked. So tiny, too.

2) That our dog seems to get on my nerves? Often. Tonight, we hung out with some friends that have a 6 month old, as well as a couple that are expecting in June. Lots of baby talk. I wouldn't've mentioned it, except the other mom did, and said that she is just no longer so into her dog. I don't want to give him away or anything like that. What it comes down to is that there is so much neediness that goes on around here, and, unfortunately, the dog catches the brunt of the frustration or non-tolerance...

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